In the light of recent events

This year, 2013, this special offer applies equally to families suffering from the flood.

Free holiday for families with severely ill children

What is the idea?

For some years now we offer families with seriously ill kids free holiday time in our home in the middle of the natural reserve “Nationalpark Vorpommer Boddenlandschaft”.

We are of the opinion that there is nothing better than a short story to explain the idea.

How is it realized?

Especially families with permanent or seriously ill children need time to „switch off“. We are trying to provide some support in offering holiday homes for free to these families.

Who is supporting this (state June 2013)?

Cottage Zum Kranich

Cottage "Zum Kranich" (Peggy Heuer-Schwarzer): offering the cottage "Zum Kranich" for one week per year

Bungalow vom Ostseecamp Suhrendorf bei Sonnenuntergang

Ostseecamp Suhrendorf: 4 days per year (only pre-/off-season) in a luxurious chalet directly at the Bodden

ESAE: general support

FSSC: equipment for water sports and trips

Webdesigner Marcus Fuchs: web programming and web hosting

Who had this idea and has organized the project?

M. A. Peggy Heuer-Schwarzer, who had this idea already in 2008, first realized it in the same year with the association „Kinderträume (children’s dreams) e.V.“. At first it was a rather small “business“ only containing her own holiday home, but when in spring 2013 also the „Ostseecamp Suhrendorf“ got wind and joined the project it became time to make the idea somewhat wider known.

Mrs. Heuer-Schwarzer works as self-dependent translator, windsurf instructor and trainer (software and languages). Also she manages her holiday homes „Zum Kranich“, „The Beach-Chalet“ and cares for her family with 4 wonderful children, who are Julius(7), Livia (5), Felix (3) und Filia (1).